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Empowered Horizons Coaching Services

Career Redesign Core Package

The core package consists of 12 one hour sessions.

Part 1
Know Yourself

3 sessions

Key questions:
Who are you?  What matters most to you?  How do you do things? 

Part 2
Design Your Vision

3 sessions

Key questions:
What do you want?  What are your goals?  What does ideal look like?

Part 3
Overcome Your Barriers

3 sessions

Key questions:
What worries you?  How do you get in your own way?  What best supports you?

Part 4
Find Your Way

3 sessions

Key questions:
How can you work to your purpose?  What are your options?  How can you get where you're going?

Pricing Options

Core Package - 12 sessions over 3 or 6 months

*12 and 24 week payment plans available.

Pay upfront and receive the Career Redesign Package for NZ$1800 (10% discount).


Pay As You Go

NZ$190 per session

Step 1

Choose the complete Career Redesign package or "Pay As You Go".

Step 2

Decide if you want to add on customised options for adult or youth.

Step 3

Step 4

Feel the weight lift as you start to build a work-life that inspires you.


We can meet weekly, fortnightly, or monthly to suit your goals and timescales


Choose face-to-face or online sessions, or mix-and-match as needed


Combine packages to suit your budget - more sessions offer even better value

Empowered Horizons Customisations

If you want to further tailor your coaching experience to your specific goals, you can choose to add on specific customisations.

Click the dropdowns below for more information.

Empowered Career Coaching

Do you need additional support with applications?  Do you and your friends share similar problems and want to be coached together?

If your career choices are keeping you up at night, let's work together to plan your next steps.

Empowered Youth Career Coaching

For children and young adults who are just starting out.  Maybe you're overwhelmed with the options in front of you, or you don't feel like you know yourself well enough to make the "right" choices?  Maybe you want things in life that are different from the ideas of others around you? 

If you need clarity to set out with confidence, click here to find out more.

Empowered Horizons offers coaching packages tailored exactly to you and your desired outcomes

Whether you're seeking career clarity, personal growth, or navigating life's transitions, we'll work together to centre you as the expert in your life - even if you don't feel expert at all!

Over the past 2 decades I've had the privilege of helping hundreds of people take key decisions about their lives and careers.  But to me, this is more than just my work - this is my purpose.  Providing people with the space and tools to understand who they are at their core, and how they can best live in authentic alignment with that - nothing matters to me more. 

  • Do you want to understand yourself more? 

  • Do you want to move forward with courage and purpose? 

  • Do you want to take hold of the life that's waiting for you, with confidence and belief in your decisions? 

If so, you're in exactly the right place - let's meet, and and start designing the life you deserve.


"Nicki is hugely enthusiastic and passionate about supporting... career development and personal advancement.
She has coordinated and managed progressive events...I know that her support valued and respected by those that she is involved with."

"I hugely appreciate Nicki’s generous and supportive working style, including her professional yet friendly approach, and the fact that she goes above and beyond to be helpful and encouraging."

"I've worked with Nicki as an external provider over a number of years and have to say that she's one of the most enthusiastic, dynamic [people] I've worked with. Her commitment and exceptional."

"Nicki went above and beyond to support me through the complex and often confusing process of applying to the US whilst making it a lot less daunting. I cannot thank her enough for all of the time and effort she put in to ensure I felt as confident as I could be before interviews."

"Nicki is a confident public speaker, who really knows how to connect with her audience."


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